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It's really lovely to see you here. 

Grab a cuppa and enjoy 


I am a self taught Artist from Dorset. 

I have always enjoyed creating, even as a small child. There is something that connects deep within when I paint and that is what I try to create in my work. 

In 2019, following a period of ill health I picked up my paint brushes again and, I haven't looked back. Art was a huge part of my recovery and continues to be truly healing. 

I am a mixed media artist, working mainly with acrylics. I enjoy painting on any surface, relishing the challenge of trying new things. 

If I am not painting you will find me walking the Dorset countryside and coast. When I am out walking I feel connected with both myself and nature. I like to forage and use materials such as chalk, ash, charcoal, leaves and berries to make my own paints and inks. 

I would describe myself as a landscape artist, painting both the visible landscape and the internal landscape within. I like to create abstract natural flowing art.

In 2023 I branched out and established Ebb & Flow Studios. Under this I continue to create my own artwork but also offer Childrens Art Classes. 

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