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Children's Art Classes

Art Classes for Young Artists aged 6 years +


Young Artist Classes

Classes run in blocks of 6 weeks. 

This allows young artists to build on their techniques throughout the half term. 

It also enables bigger projects which sometimes run over 2 sessions. 

photo left - Paul Klee inspired 'Castle and the Sun' using oil pastels and watercolour washes

Each term covers a theme - colour, shape, landscape, portraits, architecture etc

There is an opportunity to work with different materials and techniques - watercolour, acrylics, chalks, charcoal, oil pastels, clay, printing, canvas etc

Along the way each artist will work in their own sketchbook (included in the cost), this is  a place to practice, plan and explore

Photo right - sketchbook work on Observational work using Grid Drawing


The pop up studio is situated at Stratton Village Hall.

The studio space is a safe and inviting place where young artists can express themselves. 

There are structured activities but also time to use their imagination and collaborate ideas. 

Photo left - collaboration work creating a largescale collage along the theme of architecture

M, Young Artist aged 8 years

"I wish I could stay here forever, I love how I feel when I'm here"

E, Parent of 2 Young Artists

"Brie teaches my two girls art as part of her 'Ebb and Flow' classes and my girls love her and them! Inspired by famous artists, they come home with such a range of lovely pieces of creative and imaginative artwork"

P, Young Artist aged 9 years

"I love how it feels like a big art family here"

Frequently asked Questions


How much are classes?

Classes are currently priced at £10 per session (each session is about 1 hour). We run in 6 weekly blocks to enable young artists to build on their knowledge and skills. 

Included in the price is a sketchbook, pencil and pencil case. 

I do offer a 10% sibling discount. 

Young artists get to keep all work created. 


What classes are available?

There are currently 2 classes running. 



Both are at Stratton Village Hall. 


What ages are classes suitable for?

Classes are suitable for most ages starting from 6 years. 

Artwork and learning is adapted per each individual child's age and ability. 


Who runs the classes?

Classes are run by just me. 

I have a fully enhanced DBS, level 3 safeguarding children and Paediatric Emergency First Aid. 


What happens if my child can't make a session?

Classes run in 6 week blocks, if you know your child will miss a session (holiday, prior engagement etc) then the session will either be discounted or refunded. Please let me know as soon as you are able if this is the case. 

If your child misses a session due to illness there will be no refund, however, I will try my hardest to catch your child up with work they may have missed. 

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