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Take a look through my most recent works

Ebb & Flow 

Small studies

Before I paint large I tend to work quite small. I use these 10x10cm canvas to explore different colours and compositions. These were all mini studies that worked up to the large 120x150cm canvas which can be seen on the Commissions page. 

Art on Location

Wandering the Dorset countryside gives me so much inspiration. I have also become slightly obsessed with skylines. This will be an ongoing project of wandering and painting. 

The GODDESS Collection


Sometimes I like to dabble in a portrait. I find it therapeutic for working through different emotions and some portraits end up being gifts. I think I like to remind myself that I have a whole range of ability with creating. 


Totally free moments to just flow with the medium and let whatever is going to happen, happen. Inner landscapes are created from this place of zero expectations, just 'being'. 

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